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Friday, January 27, 2012

Stampin Up! Party

I mentioned in my last post that I hosted a SU party on Tuesday.  It was LOTS of fun and I have super incredible supportive friends!  I LOVE them!

I wanted to show you the favors I made:

 They were cones that I filled with chocolate and cute crimped paper 'filler' that had Valentine's Day stuff written on it.

This is how I stored them.  I turned a small crate unside-down and put them in the holes.  It worked great!
I made cupcakes and chips and dip for the party.  For the cupcakes, I made the flag toothpicks.  I stamped a cupcake and thank you on half of a sticky label and wrapped part of it around the toothpick.  This is a Wilton cupcake stand.  Plain, but I like that it holds 24 cupcakes.  It worked great!!

It was a lot of planning and getting ready, but it was really great!  I was so happy that so many of my friends were willing to come.  :)  Thanks for looking.  Have a creative day!

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